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Multi-Spindle Head
(A) Fixed Type:
  1. All the spindles are fixed, cannot be adjusted and are suitable for mass production.
  2. More durable than adjustable types and saves time adjusting spindle.
  3. Add guide plate on the head to increase won't stabilization.
  4. Made to customer requirements.
(B) Adjustable Type
  1. All spindles can be adjusted by user.
  2. Suitable for variable distance requirements.
  3. Many types available, please check following pages.

Clamping Tools

C-Form Flexible Collet

1. C-Form Flexible Collet
Advantages: Space-saving and can be minutely adjusted between twospindles.
Defects: Each flexible collet is used for drill bits or taps uniform in size only; for bits or taps in different specs, users need to change the collet.

JT Drill Chuck

2. JT Drill Chuck
Advantages: JT chuck can be used for drill bits and taps in different specs, with no need to be changed.
Defects: Can be used only when there is max. space limit between two spindles.

ER Collet

3. ER Collet
Chuck adjustment range is 1mm; strong clamping force; for universal use.

AS Adjustable Drill Spindle

4. AS Adjustable Drill Spindle
Used for large-bore drilling, this spindle incorporates a Morse taper drill, which allows for easy drill-spindle length adjustment and easy disassembly of the drill, unlike MT drill spindles which may cause damaging of the drill spindle in the event that the drill is disassembled improperly.

FT Floating Drill Spindle

5. FT Floating Drill Spindle (simple floating)
Especially suitable for the tapping of punch-pressed iron plates; provides a 0.5mm floating range to allow for the screw tap to be automatically moved to the hole-processing position by fine adjustment.

Expansion Tapping Drill Spindle

6. Expansion Tapping Drill Spindle (rapid screw tap changing)
Designed for special-purpose machinesor for the tapping of workpieces with different thread pitches; provides wide extension and compensation range. Safety torque device will slip when torque exceeds its limit during processing, preventing the screw tap from breaking so as to damage the workpieces.

TR+ER Drill Spindle

7. TR+ER Drill Spindle
An efficient processing instrument combining the advantages of both the ER collet and the adjustable drill spindle.

MT Drill Spindle

8. AS Adjustable +MT Drill Spindle
Adjustable +MT drilling spindle is easy to disassemble and adjust the depth of drilling.


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